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We will take a collaborative approach to deconstruct your personal narratives and stories. I am a specialist in recovery, narrative healing, and transformation. 

Kate Marlene

I am a certified narrative therapist with a background in social justice, anthropology, and literary theory. I take an interdisciplinary, non-pathologizing approach, that also considers the influence of cultural and social constructs on our behaviors, thoughts, and wellness.


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If you are looking for a new therapist I would be happy to talk with you over a short free consultation to discuss how narrative therapy might benefit you. You can also review my service packages if you are interested in learning more about my work. 

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"I love this approach is so positive and practical, but also Kate guided me towards making my own realizations and not imposing her views. It was so good to be able to process what I have been through."


"Kate's narrative sessions reached into me in important ways.  Stories that we tell ourselves mean that there are others untold and a rich life we are not talking about. Kate has powerful questions to free yourself from your narrow life story."


"Kate's sessions have led me by the hand from one 'ah-ha' moment to the next. She articulates and uncovers the dark and difficult in a way that is like taking the thorn out of the bears paw to alleviate the pain, by making the abnormal normal, acknowledging its commonness and changing my view of self."


Starting the therapy with Kate has been a such a valuable journey. In addition to being a great listener and caring therapist, she asks the right questions to unravel our own narratives that can have a negative impact in our life. She is full of resources and practical exercizes to help changing towards self- love and acceptance.


I’ve only been working with Kate for a few months, but I immediately felt connected to her, like I had somehow known her a long time. She is able to listen to a story, memory, or belief I have held for my whole life and gently and encouragingly allow me to take a step back and see it from a new angle. She is able to inquire, probe, and intervene with simple questions that crack things open, and I find myself over and over saying “I’ve never thought about it this way.”  That’s a real gift, and I am so grateful for it. Kate is helping me become the person who can ask myself these questions as well, a person who can question where my beliefs about myself and my life are born from and who and what they are shaped by. Our brief time together has already empowered me in my life, and I feel as though there are layers of myself being peeled away to reveal someone and something that looks like me. 


I discovered Kate's work via her podcast and was immediately intrigued by her therapy style! I've found narrative therapy to be a really helpful tool in my life, as I make peace with my past and gain clarity for the present and future. Kate has a really open therapy style and is an empathic listener. I found narrative therapy to be a really fresh and smart approach to self-development.


What is Narrative Therapy?

Narrative therapy is a strategic and proven approach for individuals, groups, and communities, based on the principle that we are the experts of our own lives, and moreover, we can realign ourselves with preferred and empowering narratives. Humans are by our nature, driven to tell stories, to make sense of events, to come up with patterns in our minds about what happened and why. Even our biology drives us to order and name, make sense of perceptions, and to give purpose and meaning to our experience. Narrative therapy capitalizes on these tendencies with the goal of uncovering opportunities for new growth, meaning, purpose, and life-fulfillment. 

As opposed to traditional psychotherapeutic methods, narrative does not focus on diagnoses or following prescriptive techniques. It emphasizes collaborating over a delivery of knowledge and expertise, born of post-structuralism and informed by feminism, social justice, orientations of power, and a general aversion to traditional mental health and medical models that can tend to pathologize people and their problems


I was trained in narrative theories and practice techniques by John Stillman, an early student of Michael White, considered the founder of modern Narrative Therapy practices and the Dulwich Center. Though I began my official narrative therapy practice training in recent years, I have been working in post-structuralism and narrative studies as an cultural anthropologist, a lawyer, community worker and social justice advocate, and as a Ph.D. candidate in narrative and literary theory. My personal healing journey has also been very formative in my practice and my passion for narrative as a therapeutic approach to social and personal conflict. 

HOw Can I Help You?

I offer one-on-one counseling sessions, couples counseling, as well as group counseling in a variety of practice areas including conflict related to wellness, addiction recovery, divorce and family separation, depression and anxiety, new motherhood, and life transitions. Please take note that I am not a medical psychologist or psychiatrist and I do not diagnose mental illness. I offer no medical healing promises, as our work is exclusively in the realm of personal narrative and I will refer any patients who would benefit from medical intervention. 
If you are considering working together please contact me for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation before booking. I am happy to share with you my process and see if it will be a good fit. You can also book a session on the services page if you are ready to begin. If you would like to learn more about what it is like to work together, you can also download my intro sessions for a small fee here
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