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Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Trauma

Negative emotions associated with depression, anxiety, grief or trauma can be overwhelming and debilitating. This is a sensitive area as I want to emphasize that I am not a medical healer, but rather I will focus on the impact of these experiences, help you name them, separate your own identity, and use narrative techniques to find alternative and unique stories to guide and support your recovery. While my goal is transition and ultimately and transformation, I am also dedicated to creating a safe space and environment for you to explore wherever you are at.
Native English Narrative Therapist
I have personally worked through birth trauma in a narrative capacity and can attest to the value of seeing traumatic events through an alternative lens. One way to approach trauma is to consider your strengths, what values were being threatened, in what ways have you succeeded in protecting yourself? The narrative approach is used to help you leverage your strengths, to see your own power, competency, and capitalize on your innate and empowering survival instincts. 
In approaching depression and anxiety, we will also spend time exploring your condition as something external to you. This means looking objectively at how it impacts your life, in what ways are others impact, are there instances where you are not feeling this way? As a narrative practitioner,  my role is to help you see alternative and unique perspectives in your history, experience, and potential. In collaboration, I will work with you to identify your values and help empower you to shift perspective and gain agency in challenging negative thoughts and narratives that may be influencing your sense of self and your life.
Similarly, in approaching other hardships, including grief, my role is to create a safe space for you to explore your position and experience. We will take an objective approach to understand the impact of your feelings and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of your values and direction. What strengths are there in this experience, what does severance or loss tell us about our own power and nature? It is important that you understand I am only a facilitator in the exploration of narrative and I am not here to tell you what you should or should not be feeling. The narrative process allows us to decode our personal narratives and to identify fuller, richer, stories about our experiences and our potential. 
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