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Money and Financial narratives

Money infiltrates all areas of our lives and yet it can be extremely difficult to talk about. Our emotions around money, our relationship to money, and our practical experience with money can also influence how we make financial decisions. We all have our own money stories--whether we've grown up in wealth or poverty or whether we are high or low earners. Interestingly the amount of money we have is not always correlated to how we feel about money, sense of self, our even security. 
As a narrative therapist, I can help you get to the core of your beliefs and stories around money so that you can learn to create new and empowering narratives. I have done my own transformational and healing work around money which can often correspond to our own sense of self and self worth. I will listen to your concerns around money or finances, help you position yourself and your identity independent from these issues, and work to develop agency and choices that can help you reach your financial goals. Often what is holding us back is our money stories and narratives-- not our actual abilities to produce, create, or save. 
I think narrative therapy can add value in any of the following circumstances:
  • You are frustrated with your current financial position and feel that you will never have enough or that you will never get ahead
  • You are constantly in fear of money, losing money, spending too much, or not having enough for retirement
  • You are in significant debt and worry that you will not be able to recover, pay back debts or restore a sense of security in your life
  • You have a spending addiction, gambling problem, or other compulsion that is keeping you from your financial goals
  • You are hiding your financial reality from a spouse or partner or have other debts, burdens, or money stresses and you don't know how to get help
  • You feel you are underqualified or unable to improve your financial circumstance or you are undercharging and underearning in a current financial position
I believe that women especially can be susceptible to negative stories about money and earning potential. These are often narratives and stories we have hear about women's earning potential, women's roles and responsibilities, and the very complicated choices women are often forced to make between emotional labor and financial earnings. If you are having any conflict or emotional response to money or financial stress, I can help you work towards untangling these disempowering narratives that can prevent you from earning at your full potential. 
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