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Life Transitions

Life transitions can be a time of tension, stress, and tumult, but they can also create great potential for personal growth and transformation. In my own life, I see life transitions as my greatest times challenge and of strength. Narrative therapy can create a safe space for you to explore your stress and uncertainties, the underlying stories that might be driving you or holding you back, as well as to consider the positive strengths you bring in to your situation. This list is by no means exhaustive, but life transitions may include any of the following:
  • Moving or relocation 
  • Break-ups, separation, or divorce
  • Adoption or new parenthood
  • Loss of a pet or a loved one
  • Graduation or starting a new degree
  • Losing a job or starting a new job
  • Dealing with a new medical diagnosis
  • Menopause or aging stress
  • Retirement and self-identity
In any life transition we will come up against stories about what the transition means, what our families think, or how our culture perceives this event. My role as a narrative therapist is to help you deconstruct the many stories that you might have taken on. We will work to identify what the transition truly means, how it will impact your life, and separate the transition from who you truly are. We can explore how the transition may be impacting your personal values. As with any narrative session, you are the expert of your life, and my role is to facilitate a greater understanding and purpose on your behalf. 
I believe so strongly in the power of transitions and transformations that I created an entire podcast on this theme. My podcast About Face is an exploration of how events, transitions, even traumas can give rise to profound personal growth, transformation and healing. I have interviewed guests on trauma, including death of a child, divorce and separation, DNA-reveals, chronic illness, addiction recovery, and survival of domestic abuse. While these stories can seem dark, they are often a testament to human strength, the will to survive, and the propensity to transform in times of great challenge.  
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