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Divorce & Separation

One of the most emotional and stressful areas of our lives is our personal and romantic relationships. When we are living in a stressful relationship or faced with the reality that a relationship has ended, the stress, anxiety, guilt, and grief can be overwhelming. In many cases, we are not sure what next steps to take. Should we leave? Have we done everything possible? How can we move forward in the most healthy possible way? 

As someone who has navigated the complications of separation, divorce, and co-parenting, I am attuned to the very nuanced and personal impact of ending a marriage. I also know that understanding my personal narratives while in the situation and in navigating the resolution were critical in the healing process. If you are considering divorce, in the middle of a separation, or if you are looking for personal support as you navigate the process, you may benefit from a narrative therapy approach. 

In addition to navigating this process myself and also taking a narrative approach to healing, I am also a licensed attorney and have worked in family law firms in the areas of divorce, custody, and other legal complications. I have worked with clients at a domestic abuse clinic and understand that particular stresses of women under financial, emotional, even physical duress. 

My priority is to help you separate your self-worth and identity from the issues, understand the way that the conflict is impacting you personally, and help you make concrete and empowering action in your own life. Under the narrative approach, your values are key and we will spend some time identifying your key values, which values are in conflict, and how to listen to your inner voice in coming to a resolution or acceptance before, during, or after the dissolution of a marriage. 

I work with clients on the following:

  • Separation and divorce coaching

  • Co-parenting stress and negotiations

  • Couples' counseling

  • Break-up anxiety and grief

  • Relationship stress and conflict




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