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Practice Areas

I am prepared to help clients, including couples, groups, organizations and communities work through any conflict, or perceived problems to achieve optimal agency and solutions. I will take a narrative approach to externalize the situation from individual clients or group members, consider the impact of these concerns and issues, assess potential unique outcomes and alternative narratives, and work collaboratively to help you find solutions and new approaches to resolve conflicts and issues. Narrative therapy operates on the premise that the answers are within you. I am not here to tell you how, what, or why, but rather give you the tools to go deeper and within to arrive at the best solutions for you and your own situation. 

Here are some practice areas I am interested in:


Kate’s narrative sessions reached into me in important ways. I have big stories around success and money, and I realised that I devalue the money I earn from part-time work because I wish I had earned it through creativity. I also realise that there are other successes in my life that I don’t ‘count’, like parenting, and my personal life- I set myself a list of values, and am blind to the great things that aren’t on the list. The story we have been telling ourselves can mean that there’s an untold and rich life we’re not talking about. Kate has the powerful questions up her sleeve, to help you free yourself from your narrow life story and get back into creativity and possibility

Laura, Mother, Writer, Nutritional Specialist

Kate's narrative work is a balance of pragmatic and practical problem solving while also going deeper in healing and understanding. I felt that she guided me to make my own realizations without imposing her own views like other therapists I've seen. It was good to be able to process what I've been through in a way that was meaningful, and also felt like moving forward. 

Natasha, Artist, Nutritionist, Mother

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