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Reimagining Self and Potential in Tarot

Getting into tarot as a mental health and wellness practitioner probably sounds like crossing some lines, however the role of narrative and possibility is really an opportunity to explore potential and transformation. If you haven’t already listened, check out the podcast episode I did with Cult Mother Tarot reader Hannah Joy Graves on this topic and the ways that I have found tarot useful in my own life when considering reimagined versions of self, exploring the past, and making sense of where we are now.

While the reading of tarot is by no means scientific or medical in the way of healing, I do think that it has the power to do what narrative therapy also does: to uncover the answers that lie within us. Like narrative therapy, tarot opens up new possibilities for understanding and gives the individual the power to look at themselves and their lives in a new way. This was something I realized after my own readings and also in my inquiries in narrative healing and transformation. It wasn’t about fortune telling, it was about seeing the way that my life circumstances could be approached differently or reimagined.

Here are some benefits of tarot in relationship to personal transformation and narrative healing:

New storylines

The questions and possibilities opened up through tarot give us the power to ask questions of our lives. The chance unfolding also gives a textured approach to seeing ourselves as the characters in new stories, opening up potential to reevaluate our relationship to the past and explore and reimagine alternative futures.

Symbolism and iconography

All of us carry within us the metaphor, cultural inheritance, and iconography of our heritage. Tarot taps into this by giving us access even to our own relationship to these symbols. How do these symbols represent themselves in our psyche and how can we tap into our inner metaphors?

Reflection and intuition Pulling cards or having a reading is in a basic way, a point of reflection. It gives you some understanding of where you are locating yourself in the journey and offers a counterpoint or inquiry around where you might want to go.


Sometimes we don’t consider our next moves or our true desires until they are in front of us. It’s like not knowing what you want to eat, until there are two options sitting on the table. Tarot cards can give us the space to review our potential and options and give clarity around situations that otherwise feel obtuse.

Emotional awareness

The emotional triggering in a reading can give us greater clarity around how we really feel or relate to a particular event, situation, person, or idea of self. Having an emotional awareness can also be a gateway to further action, a basis for how to handle a situation, locate our own intentions, and make the best decisions for ourselves and our lives.

Spiritual expression

While not all of us have a deep spiritual life, broader inquires around existence do promote hope, forgiveness and purpose, according to research. Whether you are already on a spiritual path or you think it might be something that could benefit you, tarot is a gateway to exploring the mysterious and unknown. It can also support traditional or existing theologies.


A great challenge for many of us is the fear of the unknown or facing change. Tarot shows that the journey is never just good or bad, or that there is a right or wrong way. It gives perspective on the totality of our experiences and offers hope around the reality that things will change and gives guidance on accepting the ups and downs of our lives.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about narrative work, personal wellness and storytelling, or how I might be able to help you restory yourself and your life.

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